T.M. Parris

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T.M. Parris is the author of the Clarke and Fairchild series of compelling, page-turning political thrillers featuring Rose Clarke and John Fairchild. Outcasts of the British secret service, their differing motivations bring them into conflict across the globe.

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[Reborn is] “a tremendously well-written book…a cat and mouse tale of British intelligence agents pitting their wits against each other and their collective foes…Parris is a genuinely professional author” (Matt McAvoy, MJS Literary Author Services)


Recently disgraced Secret Service officer Rose Clarke is given one last chance to redeem herself by tracking down John Fairchild, a notorious mercenary who has developed a global network of informants and is suspected of trading British intelligence.

Clarke’s mission takes her to China where Fairchild has links with Jinpa, a Tibetan monk whose reincarnated identity is of huge political significance. Jinpa has to flee from the Chinese authorities when they discover his secret, and Fairchild follows to try and uncover the truth of his own past. Clarke risks everything to pursue them over the Himalayas, chased by the ruthless and powerful Chinese authorities determined to stop them.

Moscow Honey

“In the Russian story, everybody dies.” So it’s often been. But a few strong people are determined to change their fate.

The Bear, a veteran Russian mafia boss, hopes for a peaceful retirement but is dragged back to Moscow when his son is seduced by the wealth and power of the corrupt Russian state.

Ambitious MI6 agent Rose Clarke targets the Bear’s mysterious daughter-in-law, but this leads her into a horrific and life-threatening trap.

Mercenary and rebel John Fairchild unlocks the secrets of his past and wakes a potent and cruel force lying dormant since the Cold War. In untangling a mystery he has unleashed a monster which threatens everyone he cares about. Can they resist Moscow’s power, or will they all be obliterated by its ruthless determination to control everything?

The Colours

Clarke and Fairchild are drawn to Monaco in pursuit of a traitor’s fortune which includes the most valuable painting in the world.

 Forced to work together despite their differences, they find it increasingly difficult to trust each other, particularly when innocent people are drawn into the chase.

And they are not alone. The traitor Grom, an outcast from Britain and Russia, is ruthless in his determination to keep his assets while the Russian authorities are desperate to reclaim what’s theirs. When a group of thieves sets its sights on the Monaco Freeport, the stakes get even higher. But nobody is who they first appear to be, and a bid for wealth and power becomes a fight for survival against a corrupt and wealthy elite.

The Secret Meaning of Blossom

Ambitious British spy Rose Clarke wants to focus on the job she does best. But a bizarre postcard from her brother in Japan makes her fear for his safety. When she tries to find him she discovers that the anonymous group pursuing him is much more dangerous than she could have imagined.

Plunged into a world of manga cosplayers and the yakuza, she is forced to accept help from cynical information mercenary and entrepreneur John Fairchild, who is intent on uncovering the secrets of his own past. Their stories are already becoming more closely linked, and their presence in Japan precipitates a far greater danger. The FBI gets involved and Fairchild’s loyalties are called into question. In her desperation to protect her family, has Rose placed her trust in the wrong person?

Featuring hackers, encryption and crypto currency, The Secret Meaning of Blossom is vividly set in quirky modern day Tokyo where naive innocents are caught up with some of the most dangerous and ruthless criminals in the world.

Spies Without Borders

Spy-turned-traitor Grom aims to exploit popular resentment to enrich the ruthless Fire Sappers hacking group – but British spy Rose Clarke is on his tail. International mercenary John Fairchild steps away from his private network to infiltrate Grom’s group, but he loses himself totally as revelations of shocking Cold War secrets change everything for them both.

Their paths cross with a former agent who bears a grudge, and a lost boy who found everything he wanted in the city, only to lose it again. Their rage threatens devastation – but who is it aimed at?

Set in vibrant modern Budapest with its turbulent history and troubling politics, Book Five in the series explores the importance of identity and belonging and ends with an explosive finale.

The Show

Book Cover for The Show by T.M. Parris

Clarke and Fairchild are pulled into an ambitious and elaborate plan by which British and American security services aim to entrap an international fugitive.

Rose is persuaded to impersonate a notorious crypto fraudster who has deceived criminals and ordinary people alike across the world. On the glitzy resort of Capri, Fairchild plays host to a show designed to attract the world’s richest money-launderers and thieves who seek retribution – or revenge.

But the team’s carefully-conceived plans to keep Rose safe are derailed, leaving them in a situation far more complicated and dangerous than they could have imagined.

Can they get back to how they were? Or have they themselves fallen into a trap that they can only escape by losing everything, including each other?

Trade Winds

Businessman, mercenary, manipulator, spy: everyone has a view about John Fairchild, and his services are often in demand. This time he’s in the Philippines, where the comforts of a Manila cocktail bar shield its influential clientele from the threats of rising fundamentalism and an incoming typhoon.

Fairchild is sent to find hostages held by Islamic militants in the remote islands of the south, where lives in the harsh jungle hang in the balance. Fairchild’s skills are renowned, but has he under-estimated the determination of a young man who has been wronged? 

Trade Winds is a prequel to the first full length novel in the series, Reborn. A short story of over 12,000 words, Trade Winds is a free download for subscribers to the Clarke and Fairchild Reader Club.


In cosmopolitan Zagreb, Croatia’s Europe-centric capital, deep feelings of resentment and betrayal linger years after the bitter Balkan war. Tihana wants to live quietly, but within hours of a chance encounter finds herself on a dangerous path with no way out. British agent Rose Clarke should have everything under control, but events slip from her grasp with horrific consequences.

A dark, atmospheric story of oppression, mistrust and control.

Crusaders is a prequel to the first full length novel in the series, Reborn. A short story of 8,500 words, Crusaders is a free download for subscribers to the Clarke and Fairchild Reader Club.